Game Engines

Game Engines designed for rapid proto-typing,
development, certification and deployment

OGS Draws

The OGS Draws engine facilitates numbers schemes such as online lottery, bingo or keno


Suitable for single, recurring or short-duration draws, the OGS Draws engine supports all numbers schemes, win conditions and prizes.


Architected for you

The OGS reference architecture can scale to manage your local raffle to your state or national lottery draws.



Our team has decades of combined experience with government lottery organizations.  We have personally helped lotteries to modernize their products and have a solid understanding of regulatory and technical requirements.

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OGS Instant

The OGS Instant game engine powers all of your instant win games such as digital scratch tickets, interactive games or slot machines

Zero Development

Our Instant engine is completely configurable, allowing you to specify your outcomes, entry cost and prize amounts to have your game work right away.



Perfect for digital scratch tickets, slots, pull tabs, interactive and casual games.



Find your new audience with innovative games.  Quickly develop your concepts in to working, certified games.  No longer are you beholden to the same game catalog as other operators.

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OGS Parimutuel

The OGS Parimutuel engine is used to offer games where payout percentages/categories are fixed and prizes may be shared

Daily Fantasy Sports

OGS is a leading supplier for white label fantasy sports.  We have developed a complete product suite for daily fantasy which pass all current US state regulations.


Sports Pools

Use our parimutuel engine to offers pools for any sporting event.  Perfect for your branded loyalty contest or sports pool betting.


Sports Themed Lottery

Add sports fans to your lottery demographic by offering revolutionary lottery games based on real-world sporting results.

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