OGS Core

The OGS Core is the backbone of the platform. Run stand-alone or integrate with your current Player Account Management system

The OGS Core is a multi-channel solution that provides everything operators need to register players, take bets, sell tickets and pay prizes.


Our core platform begins with robust player account management.  It manages players, wallets, tickets, transactions and prize payout.    The platform works with our extensible game engines to power just about any lottery, casino or sports product.  Containerized services mean that infrastructure can be deployed in the cloud or in your data center.  Back-end services enable responsible gaming tools, audit, analytics, reporting, KYC and everything else required by your regulator.


The OGS Core Platform was designed from years of experience with integrating multiple gaming vendors.  Our mission was to develop a gaming platform that was scalable, facilitated rapid development, was easy to integrate, compliant ready and operated with the utmost integrity.  We believe we have built one of the worlds most flexible remote game servers available.

Reusability - A better gaming platform


Most gaming products have similar fundamentals.  So why rebuild every time you launch a new game?  The OGS Platform was designed to use extensible, reusable components since inception.


Benefits of reusability include:

  • Ability to rapidly develop new products as the same modules are used or extended for most games

  • Minimal certification and re-certification for new products and after product changes

  • Allow for easy integration of existing games by 3rd parties

  • Ability for individual operators to customize their version of each game or rapidly create new ones

  • Reusability translates to reduced development costs

Player Account Management

Operate as the master player account and authentication server or as a shadow server to another RGS.


Power your games across web, mobile, kiosk or in-venue.


Ability to support over 100,000 transactions per minute ensures a seamless player experience.


Support for dozens of wallets allows for multi-currency, crypto or loyalty points.


Powerful auditing tools ensure your regulatory needs are met.

Responsible Gaming

Geographically controlled, operator and player defined limits provide a responsible gaming experience.


Optional modules provide: 

  • KYC and Identity Verification

  • Real-time data for sports, news, stats and weather

  • Affiliate and bonus management

  • Multi-language support

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • VPN Detection

Build or expand your product portfolio by utilizing one of our flexible Game Engines