OGS Draws

The OGS Draws engine facilitates numbers schemes such as online lottery, bingo or keno

OGS Draws is your gaming engine for online lotteries, raffles or quick draw games.  Results can be entered offline or automated RNG results can be used.


The most flexible draw engine available.  Pay tables and winning requirements are parameter driven.  Draws can be pre-scheduled or run on demand.  Advance buy, quick pick and bonus games available.



  • Scaleable for regional or national draws

  • Conduct draws offline or automated using RNG

  • Draw close can be scheduled for any time

  • All schemes supported (5/69, 6/49, 7/47 etc.)

  • Advance buy and bonus games supported

  • Online, retail or self-service kiosk integration

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Quick Draw


  • Perfect for Keno, Bingo or other quick draw games

  • Online, mobile or via in-venue monitor

  • Configurable draw duration and times

  • Easy to add side games and bonus games

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Raffle and 50/50


  • Offer raffle and 50/50 draws

  • Conduct the draw online or offline

  • Tickets can be limited per draw

  • Ideal for sporting events and charities

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