OGS Instant

The OGS Instant game engine powers all of your instant win games such as digital scratch tickets, interactive games or slot machines

Utilizing the OGS Instant engine is the fastest way to launch a new instant game.  It allows for the specification of prize tables and custom outcomes based on RNG results, with no back-end coding required.  This provides a framework to power existing instant win games or to rapidly develop new ones.


Parameter driven, the OGS Instant engine puts creative control in to the hands of your designers.  Your instant games work without customization of the RGS.

How it works:

1. Create Prize Table

  • Set your prize table
  • Determines prize amounts
  • Determines probability

2. Outcome Configuration

  • Determine outcome requirements
  • Outcomes tell the game what to show the player

3. Generate Outcomes

  • Generate the outcome table
  • A random outcome is returned based on prize value

4. Game Play

  • Use our SDK to utilize APIs
  • Users buy tickets, play games and win prizes
  • No custom back-end coding required

Use the OGS Instant Engine for:

  • Scratch tickets

  • Slot games

  • Interactive and casual games

  • Pull tabs

  • Instant casino games

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